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Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination statistics in Turkey

Vaccination against coronavirus in the world and in Turkey has began on January 14, 2021.As of May 27, 2021Population: 85,157,000Number of vaccinated (1 or 2 doses): 16 377 100 - 19.23%Fully vaccinated: 12,228,353 - 14.36%Total vaccinations: 28 605 453 The following COVID-19 vaccines are approved in Turkey: ▫Pfizer / BioNTech▫Sinovac All of these vaccines are designed to teach the body's...

New Preferences on Turkish Property Market After COVID-19

As we progress further into this global pandemic and prohibitions on public places are slowly being lifted, many people are planning big life changes to keep themselves and families safe. And those changes are certainly having a lasting effect on real estate in Turkey.

Finance in Turkey

Turkey's economy and real estate is strong and described as one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe and also in the world. The economic growth has slowed down a little bit in the last years, but the property market in Turkey is still one of the best in Europe.

Power of Attorney

A Power of attorney is a written document that provides an authorization to act on another´s behalf. The power of attorney is used for legal matters when one part can not participate. […]

Expenses of Buying

THE POWER OF ATTORNEY Giving Power of Attorney at Notary Public costs approximately 100 Euro (including Sworn Interpreter).

How to Become a Turkish Citizen?

Dolphin Homes Real Estate will help you with all the procedures needed for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. As of September 2018, some of the regulations have been changed. The Republic of Turkey grants now the citizenship to foreigners who purchase a real estate in Turkey in a value of at least $250,000 instead of previous $1 million. […]

Residence Permit – Turkey

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Buying a Property in Turkey

This process in Turkey is very similar to that in many other European countries. A deposit is paid due upon contract signing and final payment is given in connection with the transfer of title deeds.

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